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-Selected Work-

This is just a little example of what our BLC formulas can do for your brand or project.

Commercials - Music videos - Film - Animation

Ivonne Welch 30s

Ivonne Welch Insurance

Campaign: Medicare Plans


Directed: Arturo Zúñiga

Producer: Marius Biegai

DP: José Grimaldo

Post Production: BLC-Studios


Chargers Home Team Intro Video.​

Director: Vincent Laforet
Producer: Randy Morton
Production: Morton Pierce Media
VFX, editor & audio mix: Arturo Zúñiga / BLC Studios

The future is now

Reebok spec commercial. It's a futuristic concept with a strong, positive message of freedom and determination in a dystopian world.

Concept: Arturo Zúñiga
Director & Writer: Diego Osorio & Arturo Zúñiga
Director of Photography: Pepe Vasquez
Actor: Christopher D'Silva
Drone: Eddy Gallardo
Audio: Leo Leoni
3D & compositing: Arturo Zúñiga
Editor: Diego Osorio & Arturo Zúñiga
Production: BLC-Studios & Patacos Film

FLESH / Short film 

The Director Arturo Zuñiga wanted to portray a deep, metaphoric concept of liberation of the communicate a message of conscience and open some new doors of internal reflection for the audience.

Concept & Director: Arturo Zúñiga
Director of Photography: Arden Tse
Production: BLC-Studios

Post Production BLC- Studios & BlueFrame Fx

Vicente Gayo G.A.Y.O

Conceptualized, produced, directed, designed a music video for Vicente Gayo - Mexican rock band song "G-A-Y-O"

using a rotoscope technique.


Receiving an Indie-O music award on 2010

for Best Video of the Year.

Director: Arturo Zúñiga

Post Production: BLC-Studios

Asahi Beer "Open sequence"

Asahi is a leading brewery and soft drink company based in Tokyo. 


The overreaching goal of the project was to give Asahi an American  identity while maintaining their Japanese tradition.


Creating the American online advertisements and webpages for the Japanese company Asahi.  


Post Production: BLC-Studios

Very American Art

Commercial for the museum Dolores Olmedo,

located in México City.


This video is included in the Smithsonian America Art digital  collection.


Director: Arturo Zúñiga

DP: Ricardo Villareal

Agency: Augusto Elias

Production & Post Production: BLC-Studios

Roxana "Noches estridentes"

Music Video for Warner Music and Paramount Pictures. Promotion for Latin America version of "Into  Darkness Star Trek," directed by JJ Abrams.  (Forgive the solar flares.)


Directed: Arturo Zúñiga
DP: Ricardo Villarreal
Production & Post Production: BLC-Studios

Record Label: Warner Music

Reik "Inolvidable - Unforgettable"

Over 44 million views in Youtube. Video filmed, directed and produced in LA, California for the Mexican band Reik for their single: "Inolvidable".


Director: Arturo Zúñiga:  

Director of Photography: Ricardo Villarreal 

Producer: Iggy Martinez

Colorist: Stuart Ferreyra

Record Label: Sony-BMG Music.

Siddartha "Control"

Video filmed around LA, California for the Mexican Grammy nominee Siddhartha. For his single: "Control".


Director: Arturo Zúñiga

Director of Photography: Ricardo Villarreal

Producer: Iggy Martinez

Production & Post Production: BLC-Studios.

Record Label: Universal Music.

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