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We work with the most advanced ideas and the deepest passion for succeeding.

We work shoulder to shoulder with our clients.

Marius Biegai

Has been working in the film industry for 20 years in Germany, México and the US.

He studied theatre in Germany and joined in New York the prestigious Masterclass with Gene Frankel. But soon he got attracted to the magic of filmmaking.

Arturo Zúñiga

Has ten years of experience

working in the field of Digital Art, Mass Media Communication, VFX and Filmmaking.

These years have given me many opportunities to work as Director with talented people and companies around the world.

James Di Salvio

After starting in Montreal with artists like Jean Leloup and Céline Dion, he soon got called to Los Angeles to work at the prestigious "Propaganda Films" with his peers at the time: Spike Jonze and Michael Gondry.

Aaron Faulls

Is an award-winning documentary filmmaker, writer and content creator.

He loves that either telling a story or helping to tell a story from a client from beginning to end. 

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