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Reebok_Reality_The future is now!

Reebok_Reality_The future is now!

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Vicente Gayo "G-A-Y-O"

Vicente Gayo "G-A-Y-O"

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Asahi Beer USA

Asahi Beer USA

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Flesh / Trailer

We are so happy to share this trailer called FLESH

We collaborated with amazing and talented humans.

The Director Arturo Zúñiga wanted to portray a deep metaphorical concept, a liberation of the communicate a message of conscience and open some new doors of internal reflection. 
Stay tuned for the complete short film. FLESH
Concept & Director: Arturo Zúñiga
Executive Production: Holiday Nagle & Arturo Zúñiga
Director of Photography: Arden Tse
Actress: Mariel Gomsrud & Marita Gomsrud

3D Visual Effects : Alberto López & Arturo Zúñiga
Sound Design & Score: Alejandro Castañeda & Hector Arroyo
Production: BLC-Studios

Associate Producer: Bety Mirazo

The future now


Reebok spec commercial. It's a futuristic concept with a strong, positive message of freedom and determination in a dystopian world.
Concept: Arturo Zúñiga
Director & Writer: Diego Osorio & Arturo Zúñiga
Director of Photography: Pepe Vasquez
Actor: Christopher D'Silva
Drone: Eddy Gallardo
Audio: Leo Leoni
3D & compositing: BLC-Studio
Editor: Diego Osorio & Arturo Zúñiga
Production: BLC-Studios & Patacos Film

​Vicente Gayo


BLC conceptualized, produced, directed, designed a music video for Vicente Gayo-mexican rock band song "G-A-Y-O" using a rotoscope technique.

Receiving an Indie-O music award on 2010 for Best Video of the Year, Arturo Zúñiga-Director.​

​Reik Inolvidable


Over 44 million views in Youtube. Video filmed, directed and produced in LA, California for the mexican band Reik for their single: "Inolvidable".


Director: Arturo Zúñiga:  

Director of Photography: Ricardo Villarreal 

Producer: Iggy Martinez

Colorist: Stuart Ferreyra

Record Label: Sony-BMG Music.

FLESH Behind the scenes


As a Director I wanted to portray a deep, metaphoric concept of liberation of the mind.
Hopefully you will enjoy it as much as we did producing it.
Please check this Behind Scenes and stay tuned for more details for Short film. Coming Soon 2017
Thank you to everyone who made these projects possible.


Very american art

BLC Produced this commercial for the museum Dolores Olmedo, located in  México City.


This video is included in the Smithsonian America Art digital  collection.


Director: Arturo Zúñiga

DP: Ricardo Villareal

Agency: Augusto Elias

Producer: Arturo Z.

Angélica María-Angélica Vale

Mi cómplice mi amiga


Dinastía es una de las mejores definiciones de Angélica Vale

y Angélica María. Ambas, dos de las artistas multidisciplinarias

de mayor prestigio en México, Iberoamérica y lejanos países a los

que han llegado a través de sus exitosos trabajos en televisión.

La historia de Mi Cómplice, Mi Amiga, estuvo bajo la dirección

de Arturo Zuñiga, una narrativa en imágenes poéticas de la relación entre madre e hija, entre amigas y entre maestra y alumna, una serie de alianzas universales paralelas que surgen alrededor del mundo, teniendo como valor agregado una valiosa colección documental de los grandes momentos en los que Angélica Vale y Angélica María

han compartido el escenario a lo largo de sus trayectorias artísticas. Como broche de oro, la presencia de Angélica Masiel, futura sucesora de la estafeta de esta sólida Dinastía artística que va por su tercera generación.

Director: Arturo Zúñiga 

Director of Photography: Arden Tse

Producer: Iggy Martinez

Colorist: BLC Studios

Record Label: e35 music.

Le rat de ville et le rat des champs


Directed by: James Di Salvio

AT&T / Long distance 


Directed by: James Di Salvio

Behind The Scenes


BLC is collaborating with the music companies to produce diferent BTS, giving especial look and feel to each project.


Sony Music: Noel Schajris-John Legend

Sony Music: Leonel García

Warner Music: Lupita D'Alessio

Sony Music: Cristian Castro

Asahi Beer


Asahi is a leading brewery and soft drink company based in Tokyo. 


The overreaching goal of the project was to give Asahi an American  identity while maintaining their Japanese tradition.


This project, headed by BLC-Studio, was a project to create American online  advertisements and webpages for the Japanese company Asahi.  

Roxana Noches estridentes

I directed this video for Paramount Pictures and Warner Music to develop  the music video and promotion for Latin America version of "Into  Darkness Star Trek," directed by JJ Abrams.  (Forgive the solar flares.)


Directed: Arturo Zúñiga
DP: Ricardo Villarreal
Producer: Holiday Nagle & Arturo Z.

Weird Science

​The transformation of an image can give us many possibilities. Experimenting with imagination, we can create new forms. 

Director : Arturo Zúñiga
Music: Denis Gutierrez & Alan Ity.......Derdre
Model: Jerry Lopez
Photo: Miguel de la Barracuda (Miguel García)

Bran Van 3000Drinking in L.A.

Bran Van 3000 (also known as BV3) is a Canadian electronica collective from Montreal, Quebec. Founded by DJ James Di Salvio and E.P. Bergen, they collaborated on a number of songs with Stéphane Moraille, Sara Johnston, Steve "Liquid" Hawley, Jayne Hill, Jean Leloup, Kim Bingham and other musicians.


Director : James Di Salvio

Miracle Dolls / Shape the clay

His film "Shape the Clay" was official selection of the 41st Annual American Indian Film Festival/


Directed: Arturo Zúñiga
Producer: BLC Studios.